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Ketamine One is a next generation wellness company focused on ketamine assisted therapy and psychedelic medicines.

Our Acquisitions + Subsidiaries


Multi-Faceted Approach to Treatment

Clinical Care

Ketamine One is dedicated to becoming a leader in clinical offerings of ketamine-enhanced treatments across North America.

We have acquired 15 clinics across North America, with letters of intent signed for an additional four clinics. We are building the critical infrastructure needed to provide breakthrough and life-changing mental wellness treatments through existing clinics, experienced professionals and advanced technology.

Wearables & Technology

Ketamine One will be utilizing first-of-its-kind wearable technologies to track key vitals before, during, and after psychedelic-assisted therapies. Our technology aims to empower patients in their wellness journey and provide clinicians with data to improve outcomes.

Building objective data around the patient experience by measuring physical signals and responses will allow us to refine and adjust our processes, while providing great opportunities to advance psychedelic therapy research.

Contract Research

KGK Science, a wholly owned Ketamine One subsidiary, has helped hundreds of companies with custom designed clinical trials and claim substantiation strategies over the past 23 years.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, novel research techniques, and a seasoned team of industry experts, KGK Science is a leader in premium clinical research.  The company has extensive experience in pharmaceuticals, cannabis, natural health products, and more recently psychedelics.

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Our World Class Contract Research Division

As a full-service premium contract research organization, KGK Science is one of the most reliable resources for brands looking for an experienced, trustworthy team of scientific researchers, consultants, and regulatory specialists to develop customized claim substantiation and path-to-market strategies.

Leading Clinical Research Since 1997


Clinical Trials

The team at KGK Science puts their expertise to work for you, providing a professionally managed project from end-to-end that meets the highest quality standards.



Articles for medical and scientific journals tailored to your specifications and written by medical professionals. Articles may be commissioned for original research and/or literature reviews.


Participant Database

KGK’s specialized marketing and recruitment team develops customized strategies to connect the right population to meet the needs of your study.


Data Points

Rigorous statistical analysis performed transparently to ICH standards for both initial data analysis and previously analyzed data.

NEWS Releases

Latest News & Updates from Ketamine One

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